2nd Trimester and Working Out

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert nor am I a doctor.  This is just my experience with my pregnancy.  I worked out 6-7 times a week before I became pregnant and did not try anything new during my pregnancy.

During my 2nd trimester, I felt really good.  I wasn’t nauseous anymore but I was starting to slowdown. By the end of it, I was doing a lot of modifications during Crossfit and sometimes at yoga.

I still made sure I was well hydrated and always had snacks on long runs. I never noticed having to use the restroom more while running because I am a teacher so I am use to holding it.

During my 2nd trimester, I ran a marathon and was still training for another.  I did speed work still but ended up stopping towards to end of the trimester because I didn’t find a point as I was getting slower.  I also was getting prenatal massages once a month to help with any soreness.  I did notice my Friday nights ended up with me resting on the couch more.



Please excuse my face, I do not make pretty faces when working out.  This photo is from when I was about 14ish weeks pregnant and I entered a charity Crossfit competition for fun.  Since it was for charity, it was not super serious.

For awhile, I did everything everyone else was doing.  However, I decided not to move up on weights and always stayed where I was before I was pregnant.  By the end of my 2nd trimester, I went down on some weights like Deadlifts and Overhead Squats.  I also used stronger bands for pull-ups.

Once my belly was out, I started doing “Pregnant Burpees” meaning I just jumped back to a plank and jumped back up.  For push-ups, I would put my hands on a box and do them that way.  I also did not do Box Jumps.  I would just do Step-Ups.

Somethings took me longer than usual because depending on the day, I might take awhile to get off the ground.  One website I would look at for advice was Crossfit Mom which looks like it is not a website anymore.

10517648_10203255464929684_9192613382432619196_o (1)


In the above picture, I am about 24ish weeks pregnant.  This to date is my slowest marathon. You can see I also fell during this marathon but luckily I just landed on my knees and hands.  They say you lose balance while pregnant but this was me listening to other people’s conversations and tripping on the one and only root. I was fine, nothing big.

Reason it was my slowest?  It was December and in the 70s.  The race also ran out of water which means I ran out of water.  Yes, I was carrying my own as trail races only have water every couple of miles but when I got to mile 12 and was empty, so was the race.  I didn’t get water again to mile 23 so I walked. That is why it was my slowest race.  I decided to be smart and just walk.

Enough about the bad race, let’s talk about running while pregnant.  I was starting to run slower during this trimester but not enough to make a huge difference.  For example, I ran a 5K about 2 weeks before this picture was taken and my 5K time was only about 2 minutes slower than usual. Really no big deal as my time could be 2 minutes slower on any given day.

I was running on the roads and on trails.  I also always made sure someone knew where I was.  My marathon long runs were with a running group.  If I was running by myself, I made sure my husband was home as he knows my neighborhood route.

I never ran with a pregnancy belt.  I would cramp up on my sides and I could tell where the baby was laying but I never felt like my belly was moving too much.  Maybe I just got use to it since I ran 4 times a week.  I never wore pregnancy running clothes either.  All my running clothes have really good stretch (and they did not stretch out as I still where them). For the most part, I felt pretty okay while running. As the weeks went on, I would put on compression socks when I finished a long run just to help with blood flow.

The biggest thing was I stopped doing track as I only had one speed now.  For me, it was better to just go on an easy run then try to push myself running 12 400s.


I do not have pictures of my doing yoga but I did start modifying some moves.  For example, cobras were a no go. As my bump got bigger, it would get in the way a lot during some moves.  For example, pigeon.  I couldn’t rest on the ground because my bump would not allow me.  I just worked with what I could and just tried to enjoy the stretches and the quiet.

Working Out in General:

My biggest piece of advice is only do what you are comfortable with and always listen to your body.  That should be advice for everyone, no matter what.


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