1st Trimester and Working Out

Before I start, I am not a doctor in any way, shape or form.  I am just writing about my experiences.

I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of August 2014.  I had a feeling I was pregnant because I went on an easy 3 mile run and I had to stop at 2.75 to dry-heave.  If I was going at a full-out sprint then I can see that but not for a relaxed easy run. I had run a half marathon the week before and felt fine.

Too be honest, I did not change my workout regime.  There was like a two-week period where I got nauseous while running but it went away pretty fast.  I worked out a lot before I became pregnant so my doctor was not concerned if I kept up my routine, as long as I did not add new things to the mix. I was also about to start marathon training which she was fine with because I would be running my 9th and 10th marathon.

My workout routine at that time was running 2 easy runs during the week, 1 track workout and 1 long run.  I also would do yoga once a week and crossfit a couple of times a week. I also did quick 12 minute HIIT workouts in the morning to wake-up.  I continued doing all that and did not need to scale anything that I had been doing.  I could still lie on my stomach (which is good because I am a tummy sleeper) so I could still do burpees and planks. I also had told my coaches I was pregnant so if they saw that I was taking a break then they knew why. I also drank plenty of water to keep myself hydrated. I think the biggest thing I changed was I carried a snack with me on shorter runs.  I normally do not eat while I run unless I am doing like 18+ miles but I was carrying food for even 6 miles just in case I got nauseous.  I did have morning sickness the first trimester but if I drank juice and ate Cheez-Its before I got out of bed then I was fine. I also normally only got sick on Tuesday nights which is weird.

I was very honest with my doctor upfront about my workouts and what my goal was and she was very supportive.  I also have a great group of friends who are supportive too. My husband also supported this routine. People could not tell I was pregnant from my workouts but could tell by not enjoying a beer after a really hot run.

If I ever have another kid, I plan on the same routine as long as my doctor okay it first.


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