Last Weekend

Last weekend was a whirlwind. On Friday morning we flew to St. Louis.  Our flight was a little delayed but not too bad.  We have not flown since Christmas so we were not sure how our son was going to do but he did fine and slept most of the flight. When we landed, we had an extremely late lunch with my family. We were staying with my mom and my sister and her had planned a little mini-birthday party for my son and his very own smash cake.  He just threw it on the floor.

Then off to get ready and for our main reason for the trip: my best friends wedding.  My mom and sister babysat my son while we went to the rehearsal and dinner. I had a speaking part in the wedding and needed to know when it was my turn to read.

On Saturday we enjoyed hanging out with my family and then off to the wedding.  My mom and sister were once again babysitters.  The wedding was beautiful as was the bride.  My speaking part did not go smoothly.  I can talk all day in front of kids and teach them social studies, however, put me up front in a church to read a scripture and I am a mess.  At least I got through it.

We had a little bit of time between the ceremony and reception and since we were in downtown, we hung out on a patio for a little bit.  It was so pretty out, mid 70s.  The reception was a lot of fun. I danced, ate, drank and took pictures in the photo booth.  I am so glad I got to see her get married.

We left the next morning so it was a real quick trip home.  My week was very busy as my big project for my school was yesterday.  I stayed late most days to get work done or got to school very early.  Losing a week due to the flooding really hurt my schedule.

Tomorrow we are running in a local 5k.  This was my sons first race last year (at 4 weeks) so he will be joining in again tomorrow.


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