Oven-Baked Honey-Dijon Chicken

For my husbands lunch this week I made an over-bake honey-dijon chicken with carrots and red potatoes. I picked it because my husband likes chicken and easy was in the description.

Husbands rating: 4/5.  He said it seemed dry or missing something.

Ease: 5/5.  It was so easy.  Just dry and season the uncooked chicken, cut up some veggies and put in a pan.  The hardest part was cutting the carrots if that gives you any idea.

Changes: I did not have rosemary so no rosemary was used, just honey, dijon mustard and I used olive oil.  Also, to why it might have seemed “dry,” you were suppose to have saved some of the marinate as a dipping sauce and I forgot.  My husband wishes I would have made that.

Recipe: This one was from Buzzfeed and can be found here.

Picture: 20160418_122836

I had to really crop this picture as my husband is a messy cook and I didn’t realize how messy my stove top was. Sorry not sorry as that is life when you are constantly on the move.


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